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Posted Tuesday April 12th, 2016

Cross Training for Mountain Biking

Cross training is designed to build flexibility and strength by challenging the body to move and function in a way that differs from the way you move in your primary sport. It is designed to improve fitness and performance.

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Posted Monday April 11th, 2016

Orecrusher Volunteers Needed

This year’s OreCrusher is happening Saturday, April 16. We are always in need of people who are willing to lead a category/area, perhaps you would consider leading this year, after all you have the experience!

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Posted Friday March 25th, 2016

Peak Centre for Human Performance

Training scientifically for 10 weeks has produced better improvements than he could have ever imagined in such a short time. The saying ‘Train Smarter, Not Harder’ really does hold true for Tobin McCallum.

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