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When Brodie discontinued with its Test of Metal in 1994, Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association (SORCA) founder and president Cliff Miller and Squamish mountain biking and rock climbing guidebook author and publisher Kevin McLane met in a pub one night and drew out a proposed new Test of Metal race course on the back of a coaster.

Rider Feedback

More than a Race

The Test of Metal is more than a race to me  – it is a personal inspiration on so many levels. It gets me motivated on Jan 1st as soon as my registration goes through. I know I have 6 months to get my ass in shape. This means that instead of building up my strength during […]

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Rider Feedback 2012

2012  Speaking of ugly, could you please ask Darlene to dress Cliff for race day next year. Thanks to everyone for putting on a wonderful race. All the volleys I encountered were great. The eyewash gal at the finish line was a nice touch, as well as the guys with the warm water rinse at […]

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Showers Pass 2011

Test of Metal blows them all away! My first TOM since it’s the same weekend as our local 50-miler, Test of Endurance, down in Oregon. But I came at a friend’s urging and wanted to let you know it was the most fun mtb race I’ve ever done. Why? 1. Phenomenal crowd support 2. Despite […]

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Rider Feedback 2011

Send us your feedback or your story for posting on the Test of Metal website. Send to:  Webmaster 2011 Test of Metal blows them all away! it was the most fun mtb race I’ve ever done. Susan Sherman Showers Pass Cycling Team Click here Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone who made the 2011 […]

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