Test Of Metal

The Nesters Market Squamish Test of Metal cross-country mountain bike race covers a 67 kilometer course with over 1,200 meters of climbing and 35 kilometer of single-track. The mass start of 1,000 riders is one of the highlights of this event which brings thousands of people into Squamish.
FINAL RACE *** JUNE 18, 2016

Course Description

This is a very brief highlight reel of the course. We know you’re all quite busy and you probably don’t have time to read every detail about the 67-kilometer course, but you do have time for a bite-sized rundown and a quick peek at the map by clicking on the button.

Test of Metal Course Map

The race starts (and finishes) at the Brennan Park Recreation Centre. It’s a mass start that goes up the highway into the uphill grind through Garibaldi Highlands. Up and around the Highlands you’ll eventually find yourself climbing Jack’s Trail to Alice Lake. After climbing to the top of the Corners you’re rewarded with the first downhill – a pleasant rip down Rob’s and Cliff’s Corners and into Rollercoaster.

From there you head back along the road through Quest University taking you to your first pass through the Powerhouse Party zone. Here there is plenty of feasting and hydrating available if you need it. It’s also the first cutoff (at 1:30 pm, 2.5 hours into the race). The first time through you might be feeling good but you know in a matter of minutes you’ll be staring down the formidable 9 Mile Hill.

At the start of this climb (which is not actually 9 miles, but rather goes to the Mile 9 marker of the forest service road) the chit chat is replaced with grunting and wheezing. Half-way up is the top of the famous Bonk Hill feed zone and second cutoff (at 2:30 pm, 3.5 hours into the race). Also after Bonk Hill there’s a bit of break with the short downhill to start of Rock Bluff Hill, followed by another downhill to the Mile 9 marker and the start of Lava Flow Hill. At top of this climb you’re rewarded with a huge downhill. The Ring Creek Rip will have you flying and flowing nicely into the Powerhouse Plunge where things get a little more technical. Downhill switchbacks, roots, rocks, technical short climbs leaving you definitely more tired when you get spat out back at the Powerhouse Party feed zone.

This is the traditional spot for cramps from HELL. Going up through the feed zone it’s not uncommon to see several writhing bodies clutching their legs. The slogan ‘hydrate or die’ comes to mind. This is also the third and final cutoff (at 4:30 pm, 5.5 hours into the race).

Now that you have most of your energy stores depleted it’s time to dive into Crumpit Woods. Here, any energy you had left will be quickly sapped on the Farther Side. However, it soon ends with you back on the road to the short yet enjoyable Smoke Bluffs downhill. Finally, there’s the valley trail to the finish line at the Loggers Sports Grounds directly adjacent to the recreation centre.

Congratulations, you passed the Test!

Roller Coaster