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When Brodie discontinued with its Test of Metal in 1994, Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association (SORCA) founder and president Cliff Miller and Squamish mountain biking and rock climbing guidebook author and publisher Kevin McLane met in a pub one night and drew out a proposed new Test of Metal race course on the back of a coaster.

A Decade of Sponsorship

Goodwin Studios signs on for their 11th year of sponsorship and launches new 20th Anniversary Test of Metal website

Goodwin Studios is a 2015 sponsor of Test of Metal Inc which marks 10 years of sponsorship for the company. Owner Jude Goodwin was interviewed recently by Sponsorhip Director Christine Campbell.

Why do you choose Test of Metal each year as your main sponsorship?

“Test of Metal is an awesome event. It connects the community at large over four great months and four great races. As a business owner, I appreciate the benefits sponsorship brings – profile, team building and a general “feel-good” effect. We’re proud of our contributions to Test of Metal, to all the races.”

What are some of the benefits (highlights) your business enjoys from sponsoring  the event? 

“Well, I like that I have my company logo on the backs of 300 volley T-shirts during the day of the Test 🙂 – I also like that my company name can be heard over the loud speakers from time to time! But for the most part, I enjoy being part of the excitement – I love design and am proud to be a contributor to the Test of Metal brand. I love that I can use my skills to help further the Test and all the other races as well. ”

Has sponsoring Test of Metal been good for your business? 

“The benefits of sponsorship to a business is something that is difficult to measure. However I am absolutely convinced my sponsorship of the Test of Metal Group of Races has had a huge impact on my business. As a rider, and a local, I consistently prefer sponsors of local events over non-sponsors. For example, I bought my car at Greg Gardner, specifically because I appreciate all their community sponsorships (including Team Squamish for many years). Without sponsors, these races – and all the other great events in Squamish such as the Youth Tri and the Squamish Tri – wouldn’t happen.

I encourage everyone to always look at the Sponsors page when you visit event websites. There’s where you’ll find your community supporters and hopefully there is where you’ll spend your local dollars.

But aside from that, sponsorship puts my business into the limelight – even if only for a short time. This is a great secondary benefit for start-ups and home-based businesses such as Goodwin Studios. ”

You’ve been a sponsor for over 10 years. How did it come about?

“I was originally approached by Patty Heintzman who was, at that time, the graphic designer for Test of Metal. She was having to step down and invited me to take up the torch. I believe that was in 2004.  Goodwin Studios launched their first rendition of the Test of Metal soon after as it made sense to match the branding with the website. Since then we’ve launched 5 versions.”

Where do you get the inspiration from for the designs?

“Every year, the inspiration comes from somewhere unique. After the infamous ‘muddy’ Test of Metal in 2007 for example, I used mud and more mud, tire tracks and splashes, for all the graphics the following year. It was a new-website year as well. The mud was glorious. One year I decided to do a collage of faces on the program and winners’ calendar and chose only the smiling faces. And along the top of the website, I ran a movie strip of smiling faces – although you had to know to hover over the strip to really see it zip along – just like on your bike! One year, I wanted to use the jungle – and featured a huge leopard and rainforest type graphics – everything was green and lush with wild creatures watching from behind the ferns – a lot like riding in Squamish’s late spring!  The year Hell of a Series was brought on board, I was able to use fire in my designs – that was fun.

And I try to give tribute to current design trends. This year for example we’re using the ‘low polygon’ – to find out about that look, you can google it – there’s some cool stuff out there.

Recently we’ve been part of a more collaborative effort with AdMaki/Brainface. These creative people produce the swag – t-shirts, jerseys, hats, socks and more for each of the Test of Metal four races. Often their designs and colour choices for a current year are the springboard for our work here in town. The ‘totem rider’ on the front of this new website was designed by AdMaki. Working with AdMaki we’ve started to pull the four races together, to create a more overall brand. It’s been exciting and challenging.”

Have you ever tried the Test of Metal race?

“Yes of course! I raced it 7 times. The first time, in 2000, was just two weeks after we moved to Squamish. I was 47. I raced it 6 years in a row, then took two years off after a bad fall. My last race was at the age of 55. I won a few of the classic medals as well. :)”

Can you give us a highlight of your sponsorship?

“One year, Goodwin Studios was asked to contribute to the design of the winner’s jersey. This was very exciting. I was also racing that year, and when I won my category, I was presented with one of the jerseys I had designed. I’ll keep it forever! But sadly, it doesn’t fit me anymore – ”

Test of Metal brands through the years