just another bike race
Just Another Bike Race (JABR) is the last mountain bike race in the Test of Metal Group of Events season. The JABR course winds its way through some of the best single track Squamish has to offer, including trails such as Rupert, Tinder, Your Mom, and Half Nelson.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2016

Race Details

11:00 am | Race Start at Coast Mountain Academy on 3295 Mamquam Road (East of Quest University on Mamquam Road) Squamish, BC – view map of race start area.

Race registration: It is strongly recommended to sign up online before Wednesday Sept 14. Day-of sign up will be at Coast Mountain Academy on 3295 Mamquam Road from 8:00 am – 10:00 am, cash or credit card only.

Plate pickup/racer check-in: all racers must check-in and pickup race plates at the race start area between 8am and 10am Saturday morning.

Race finish area will be on the North side of Carpenter’s Son Bridge – view course map – click here.
Racers will be directed to proceed to Coast Mountain Academy (start area) after crossing the finish line.


Full Access Feedzone: full access for vehicles, will be after Word of Mouth within the cul-de-sac off of Garibaldi Park Road. Riders can leave bottles along the road there or receive hand offs.

Official Neutral Feedzone: riders will pass it twice, once on their way to Angry Midget (AM) then again after AM on their way to Fred. The Match Eatery will be there to provide water.  This feedzone is not open to vehicles.


From Whistler:

  1. Take Sea-to-Sky Hwy/BC 99 South to Squamish approx. 60kms.
  2. Turn left onto Garibaldi Way by the Petrocan/Chevron gas stations.
  3. Turn left onto Skyline Drive to The Boulevard
  4. Proceed east up the Boulevard past two roundabouts.
  5. Cross bridge to Quest which turns into University Blvd and then turn right on Village Dr.
  6. Turn left onto Mamquam Raod and Coast Mountain Academy will be on your left within 100 meters.

From North Vancouver:

  1. Take the Sea-to-Sky Hwy/BC-99 North
  2. Turn right onto Mamquam Road.
  3. Turn onto Highlands Way South heading up towards the Boulevard.
  4. Take first right at the roundabout on the Boulevard as you continue up the Boulevard.
  5. Proceed east up the Boulevard past the second roundabout.
  6. Cross bridge to Quest which turns into University Blvd and then turn right on Village Dr.
  7. Turn left onto Mamquam Raod and Coast Mountain Academy will be on your left within 100meters.

Additional Considerations:

Parking: Some parking will be available along Mamquam and surrounding areas. Pay attention to parking signs.

Respect our neighbours: There will be porta-potties onsite so no need to use the neighbour’s yards!!!


Letter from Race Directors


Everything you need to know from Race Directors, Tim Hoskin and Dwayne Kress 

Welcome to the FINAL Just Another Mountain Bike Race (JABR) presented by Pearson Financial Services Ltd. set for Saturday, September 17.

Returning this year is the Race Venue Host, Coast Mountain Academy. The race start will be at Coast Mountain Academy 3295 Mamquam Road with the racers leaving the venue at 11am to hit the trails. Yes, that’s an 11am start time. The finish line will be located on the NORTH side of the Carpenter Son’s Bridge and riders will then proceed to the race start venue under their own guidance and caution while obeying the rules of the road.


Registration will take place at Coast Mountain Academy 3295 Mamquam Road from 8am – 10am on Saturday morning September 17 if you have not already done so online. Pre-registered riders will be able to pick up their number plates during this time as well. Valid ID or your racing licence is required.

IMPORTANT: Note that riders must register by 10:00am on Saturday; there are no late registrations and no exceptions. Please leave early if you are traveling from outside of Squamish. It’s busier than ever in this bustling town and on Hwy. 99. Expect traffic delays and give yourself enough time to park. We don’t want to you to be disappointed so give yourself lots of extra time.


Spectators and racer’s supporters will be able to see the racers about 45minutes into the race in the cul-de-sac about 100 meters east of the race start. This will also serve as the first feed zone to provide your racers with the nourishment they require to conquer the rest of the course. Please, no dogs at the start, finish or anywhere else on the course as dogs and cyclists do not mix well at races. Please do not drive up the Garibaldi Park Road to support racers and stay of the Ring Creek Road as that is a critical part of the race course.

All lines of descent will be open on Rupert, Angry Midget, Fool’s Gold and Somewhere Over There so perhaps some local knowledge will come in handy. If you did not have a chance to pre-ride or you are unfamiliar with the trails, look for a and follow a local or someone familiar with the trails.


The course is marked with our usual arrows but since this course repeats on itself watch for lane and trail designation by looking for signs that stipulate 1st time and 2nd time directions.


As always we have Nesters to thank for our racer food so think of them when your tummy growls when in Squamish or any other there other locations.


Cars parked illegally will be ticketed and may be towed. Please consider yourself warned! Try to keep cars away from the immediate start and finishing areas.


Again this year we will allow you to self-seed yourselves but keep in mind that we will have a neutral roll out with racers following a pace car to safely guide you down the hill to the bottom of Thunderbird to begin the race proper. Downhill race starts are dangerous and must be controlled by a pace car with ALL RULES OF THE ROAD BEING OBEYED. If you chose to cross the yellow line or take the wrong way around a traffic roundabout, YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED! Your safety and that of others is more important than a bike race.


On the course, we have cutoff times at three places. There is a 2.5 hour cutoff (1:30pm) at the first feed station, a 3.5 hour cutoff (2:30pm) at the second feed station and a 4.5 hour cutoff (4:30pm) at the crossing of Garibaldi Park Road.


Please refer to the map online at http://testofmetal.com/jabr/race-details-2/course/



Do not loiter around the finish line once you finish. Please ride up to the race start venue – Coast Mountain Academy, following the rules of the road, to discuss and relive your awesome times on the trail where music and food will be available.


This note is for your support team. As much as we all love having our dogs with us, it is just not safe to have dogs at bike races. Just leave the dog at home with a bone and the TV on. This was repeated on purpose.


For those of you who ride in Squamish often, please visit SORCA and check out the trail pass. The pass is an excellent way to give back to the amazing Squamish singletrack. We all love to ride without having to contribute actual vollie hours.


Reminder that race day registration and plate pick-up is on Saturday morning from 8am – 10am at Coast Mountain Academy 3295 Mamquam Road. The registration plate pick-up will close at 10am sharp on Saturday, with no exceptions. Photo ID will be required at check in.

Test of Metal Inc. is a privately held, not for profit company. Nobody receives compensation for their involvement with this weekend. We do it as a love of the sport and or as a contribution to making Squamish the place it is.

Thank for your support of the Just Another Bike Race presented by Vocari Financial Solutions Ltd. We all hope you have a great race and a fun day out on the trails of Squamish. Enjoy the ride, enjoy the people and enjoy our town. Thank you to all our sponsors. Please support them if you get a chance.

Tim Hoskin and Dwayne Kress
Race Director(s)


JABR is part of the Test of Metal Events which consists of the following races: Orecrusher, Test of Metal, and GearJammer.

For race information contact Race Director at admin@justanotherbikerace.com

For Volunteer information contact Volunteer Coordinator at bikesquamish@gmail.com

For information regarding sign-on, contact Registration at signup@testofmetal.com