just another bike race
Just Another Bike Race (JABR) is the last mountain bike race in the Test of Metal Group of Events season. The JABR course winds its way through some of the best single track Squamish has to offer, including trails such as Rupert, Tinder, Your Mom, and Half Nelson.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2016


The race volunteer needs include:

Course Marshalls on trail at key intersections and on streets
Race start/finish set-up and tear down

6 people for sign-up
6 people for registration

6 people for parking assignment and venue dressage

100 people for course marshalls


Of course, if people have first aid (which we really, really need), we will space you out.

You can reach Lauren Hughes, JABR’s Volunteer Coordinator at bikesquamish@gmail.com(what a great e-mail address). Let Lauren know your preference for location if you are a course marshal (Road Crossing or Trail Intersection) and your T-shirt size (we’ll do our best to accommodate that one, signing up early ensures your proper sizing).

The T-shirts feature exclusive custom artwork done by Brainface and of course don’t forget the thank you BBQ that will be held following the event.

Tim Hoskins
Race Director
Just Another Bike Race