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When Brodie discontinued with its Test of Metal in 1994, Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association (SORCA) founder and president Cliff Miller and Squamish mountain biking and rock climbing guidebook author and publisher Kevin McLane met in a pub one night and drew out a proposed new Test of Metal race course on the back of a coaster.

OreCrusher Ready to Roll

The Orecrusher  is a multi-lap, classic cross-country mountain bike race through the Cheekeye Fan single-track trails of Brackendale. The Orecrusher, held on May 9, 2015, is the first of the year in the Test of Metal Group of Events and is a great warm-up for the mountain bike race season. Register here

Orecrusher is pleased to be presented by Coast Aggregates Ltd. Orecrusher sends its great appreciation to this new sponsor for helping making this race possible.

Orecrusher also has a new race director this year, Darcy Reimer, an avid Squamish mountain biker who has surrounded himself with a great organizing team.

Flagging of the Orecrusher course

The Orecrusher course is set to be flagged on the weekend of April 25-26. Please see the Orecrusher race map .

Orecrusher time cut-off

Orecrusher racers please note: if you have not completed your second (of three) laps within 2 hours, 45 minutes, you will be pulled from the race. The cut-off will be at Don Ross Secondary School, as racers come around the track just before entering singletrack again.

Orecrusher pre-race volunteer party

There will be an Orecrusher volunteer party on Monday, May 4, 7:00-8:30pm at The Nest Restaurant in Brackendale. Enjoy some great pizza and beer on us! We would like to answer your questions around the race and divide up some of the responsibilities and roles for race day. Hope you can make it!

Orecrusher post-race volunteer party

The post-race volunteer party will be at the Race Director’s house: 41371 Kingswood Road, Brackendale on Sunday, May 10 at 5:30pm. Please bring your own lawn chair. Food, drinks and SWAG provided!

Test of Metal Relay Race

Registration is still open for the Test of Metal Relay Race for two-person teams. The relay will be a one-time only event as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations.

The first half of the Test of Metal is known more for its rolling terrain while the second half features big climbs and downhills.

The price for a team of two is $180 (plus GST) and does not include a t-shirt. The Relay is open for registration. Please email us to receive a token to enter.

4-Pack, 3-Pack, Gearjammer and JABR Registration

The Test of Metal is sold out for single-race registration, however, there are still a limited number of 4-Packs available.

The 4-Pack includes entry to the Test of Metal, the Orecrusher, the Gearjammer and Just Another Bike Race (JABR). The price for the 4-Pack is $224 (plus GST),  a 20% discount from the regular price of the four races if entries were purchased individually.

A 3-Pack registration for the Orecrusher, the Gearjammer and Just Another Bike Race (JABR) is another option and is priced at $120 (plus GST).

Also note that single-race registration is now open for the for the Gearjammer and JABR.

The Test of Metal Group of Events 2015 season starts with the Orecrusher, presented by Coast Aggregates Ltd. on May 9, followed by the Test of Metal, presented by Nesters Market Squamish on June 20, the Gearjammer, presented by GSK Chartered Accountants LLP on July 18, and concludes with the Just Another Bike Race, presented by Pearson Financial Services Ltd. on August 19.

Racers Who Have Not Missed a Test

There are four people who have registered for every Test of Metal (1994 to 2015).

One person has ridden five Brodie Test of Metal races, three in Roberts Creek and two in Squamish (these events were the original Brodie Test of Metal races that pre-dated the Test of Metal as we know it today) plus 19 races on the full-course Test of Metal to make a total of 25 Test of Metal races, including this year.

Three more people have ridden two Brodies (those held in Squamish) plus 19 on the big course, for a total of 22 Test of Metal races, including this year.

If there is anyone else who has raced every Test of Metal from 1996 to 2014 – that’s 19 races in a row – and are registered for the 20th anniversary race in 2015, please contact Trish at Race Registration.

Squamish Craft Beer Festival

Don’t miss the  sneak preview of the inaugural Squamish Craft Beer Festival in the finish area of the Test of Metal. The Squamish Beer Festival will be held on July 11, 1:00-6:00pm at the O’Siyam Pavilion in downtown Squamish.

Pedal Magazine: Special Offer for Test of Metal Group of Events

Riders entered in any 2015 event enjoy a special 30% discount for Pedal magazine. Please see subscription details.v