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When Brodie discontinued with its Test of Metal in 1994, Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association (SORCA) founder and president Cliff Miller and Squamish mountain biking and rock climbing guidebook author and publisher Kevin McLane met in a pub one night and drew out a proposed new Test of Metal race course on the back of a coaster.

Showers Pass 2011

Test of Metal blows them all away!

My first TOM since it’s the same weekend as our local 50-miler, Test of Endurance, down in Oregon. But I came at a friend’s urging and wanted to let you know it was the most fun mtb race I’ve ever done. Why?

1. Phenomenal crowd support
2. Despite the large number of racers, I was surprised there was no bottleneck at the entrance to the first singletrack and the entire group I was with (probably midpack or ahead at this point) totally rocked the trail, tire to tire, no one complained about being slowed down if they were.
3. Riders were exceptionally courteous about passing. No one got all agro and just had to get by on a techy downhill.
4.Organization and course markings were spot on.
5. But certainly not least important, the volunteers were just awesome!

Oh, and a great course, of course. Well, The Plunge is not really my style, but I respect the riders who do it and admire that it’s in the race.

Oregon has a great racing organization in OBRA and I like the grassroots style of the mtb races, but Test of Metal blows them all away! I plan to be back, so thanks for a job well done.

Susan Sherman
Showers Pass Cycling Team