Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship Information

If your company or that of your employer is interested in sponsorship opportunities with Test of Metal Inc. Group of Races please e-mail

Christine Campbell and she will forward you the requested information.

Email: sponsorship@testofmetal.com

Sponsorship Documents

Sponsorship Information Package PDF

Sending your logo

As a sponsor you will want to send us your company logo. We post logos on the website but depending on your sponsorship level, we also need your logo for various print applications including T-shirt, posters, and more.

In order to ensure your logo looks its best, please pay close attention to the following guidelines:

1. Send your logo in the proper format. Jpegs work well for the website but are often low-rez and print blurry or smudged. For print applications the best format would be Adobe Illustrator (.ai) with FONTS OUTLINED. Otherwise, we can work with PDF files and sometimes TIFF files.  We will accept photoshop files, but they are often too big to send by email. Please do not send Microsoft Word files.

We are able to convert AI, PDF and TIFF into JPEGS for the web. Converting JPEGS into AI, PDF, or TIFF does not improve the resolution.

2. Your logo’s filename should include the name of your company. When it is received it goes into a folder with hundreds of logos. Help us streamline things by putting the name of your company in your logo filename.

3. Include your Website URL if possible. We will link the text of your company name to your website URL. This is known to improve your link popularity with Google and other search engines. Linking the logo graphic is not as effective.

4. Send your logos to Jude Goodwin at this email address:  jude@goodwinstudios.com

Thank you!