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When Brodie discontinued with its Test of Metal in 1994, Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association (SORCA) founder and president Cliff Miller and Squamish mountain biking and rock climbing guidebook author and publisher Kevin McLane met in a pub one night and drew out a proposed new Test of Metal race course on the back of a coaster.

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Lisa M | Test of MetalAll answers below are true to the best of our knowledge. If you dispute any of these answers, or if you have othere good trivia questions to add send an e-mail to Test of Metal Race Director Cliff Miller

Q: Where was the first Test of Metal held?
A: Roberts Creek, Sunshine Coast.

Q: What was the first Test of Metal’s original name?
A: Brodie Test of Metal.

Q: Who rode 2 1/2 laps of the Brodie Test of Metal with no seat – only his seat post?
A: Squamish resident Mike Truelove.

Q:  What’s distinct about Test of Metal competitor Brett Wolfe of Seattle?
A:  He has only one leg.

Rider in Front of Car | Test of MetalQ: What female rider stopped on the Powerhouse Plunge and put another rider’s shoulder back in joint, and still finished 3rd in veteran expert that year?
A: Lisa Manzini.

Q: Who won the Test of Metal in 1998?
A: Canadian Olympian Geoff Kabush (9th in the mountain bike cross-country at the 2000 Olympics).

Q: Who won the Test of Metal in 1999 and 2000?
A: Chad Miles.

Q: Who tied his foot to his broken pedal with a spare tube in the Highlands and still placed in the top 25 men?
A: Squamish racer Brennan Covey.

Q: Ring Creek Falls Bridge was built for which year’s Test of Metal?
A: 1996.

Q:  What “makes” are the two car wrecks that riders fly by when blasting down the Ring Creek Rip?
A:  Toyota and Chevy.

Q: Where was the finish chute for the 1997 Test of Metal located?
A:  (Al MacIntosh) Loggers Sports Grounds.

Q: In the 2000 Test of Metal, what type of bird became territorial and tried to attack riders on the Ring Creek Rip?
A: Grouse.

Q: Where was the very first Test of Metal race held?
A: Roberts Creek, Sunshine Coast.

Q: The year 2000 Test of Metal Celebrity Challenge was renamed in memory of prominent Squamish resident who was killed in a tragic golfing accident. Who?
A: Linda Carney.

Q. Who came up with the name “Test of Metal”?
A. Mike Truelove of Squamish.

Q: Which part of the Test of Metal was re-routed for 2000?
A: The top of the Powerhouse Plunge.

Q: Which part of the Test of Metal course was re-routed for 2007?
A: Farside

Q: Which part of the Test of Metal course was re-routed for 2008, although riders had the choice of going the old way or the new way.
A: Rock and Roll

Q: What brother and sister won first man and first woman Test of Metal racer in 2006?
A. Neal and Meghan Kindree