Test Of Metal

The Nesters Market Squamish Test of Metal cross-country mountain bike race covers a 67 kilometer course with over 1,200 meters of climbing and 35 kilometer of single-track. The mass start of 1,000 riders is one of the highlights of this event which brings thousands of people into Squamish.
FINAL RACE *** JUNE 18, 2016

Day of Race Info

We’ll assume here that you know enough to wake up, get out of bed and have breakfast (the most important meal of the day). Oh yeah, you’ll also probably want to be dressed although there’s no rule saying you have to.

When you arrive at the Brennan Park Leisure Centre there will no doubt be cars lining the road leading in. You can park on Loggers Lane but you should know that there is also ample parking directly behind the leisure centre which few seem to know about. Google Map to Brennan Park

Race starts at 11:00 am so you want to arrive early enough to gear up and get a spot in the starting line. If you didn’t check in the night before, you want to arrive extra early to ensure you have enough time to do so in the auditorium.

Now it’s time to reserve your spot in the starting corral. It’s simple, pros in the front section, citizens in the big back end. Its first come first serve, just roll your bike in and put it upside down, thereby reserving your spot. Once your bike is placed you’re free to answer the call of nature that inevitably rings just before it’s time to ride.

With five minutes to show time you’ll want to take a moment to savour the intense energy in the air as you and 999 others come to grips with what you’ve signed on to do.

10:59 a few words from Cliff Miller and the singing of our national anthem O’Canada.

Then they’re off…

Friends and family will be able to monitor Test of Metal Race Results in ‘real time’ with the Webscorer App (or visit webscorer.com). Results will start being posted as soon as the first rider crosses the finish line.